Private    Professional    Instruction

     NRA Basic Pistol ($175 per student ... $600 max for 4 students) 

        This course is at least 8-hours long and includes classroom and range time (2 hours 
        dedicated range @ Wake Firearms Education and Training Center) learning  to shoot 
        pistols. Students learn NRA’s rules for safe gun handling; pistol parts and operation; 
        ammunition; shooting fundamentals; range rules;  shooting from the bench rest 
        position, and two handed standing positions; cleaning the pistol; and continued 
        opportunities for skill development. Students will receive the NRA Guide to the Basics 
        of Pistol Shooting handbook, NRA Gun Safety Rules brochure, Winchester/NRA 
        Marksmanship Qualification booklet, take a Basics of Pistol Shooting Student 
        Examination, and course completion certificate.    
    NRA Winchester Marksmanship ($50/hr) - Program duration varies on skill level

        This program will constist of range time exclusively (no classroom time) so NRA Basic
        Pistol or evidence of experience with a handgun is a prerequisite.  We will  carry the 
        shooter through the 7 levels of pistol marksmanship:

            -Basic Practical
            -Marksman First Class
            -Distinguished Expert   


     Pistol Competition Shooting Introduction ($50/hr ... travel time not billed)

        IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association), GSSF (Glock Shooting 
        Sports Foundation) or NRA Action Pistol introductions include a deep dive of the 
        rules, sample targets for your range time practice, course of fire simulation, 
        equipment coaching, marksmanship training and an excursion to a live competition
        event (participation in the event is optional).  Evidence of previous handgun 
        experience and safe handling is mandatory for this course unless you bolt on Basic 


    AR15 Introduction ($50/hr)

        This program offers new shooters to the platform an introduction to the AR15
        including firearms selection, maintenance, marksmanship (range time) and fitting 
        at a Wake county dealer of the students choice or one of the 3 recommended 
        choices from SFT.  If you have never fired this rifle it will be a joy and you will be 
        able to walk away secure in your ability to handle and maintain the firearm.  
        Evidence of previous rifle experience and safe handling is mandatory for this course.

    3 Gun Introduction ($50/hr ... travel time not billed)

        This program offers shooters already familiar with pistol, rifle and shotgun an 
        introduction to the 3 gun sport including a deep dive of the rules, equipment coaching,
        marksmanship training and an excursion to a live competition event (participation in 
        the event is optional).  
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